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Also in 2012 you can access the optimum media performance of our IVW-EDA-approved journals and their professional recipients. The qualified circulation and coverage of our titles remain constant, the trade journal continues to play a dominant role in the marketing mix. When complex decision making processes in the B2B sector should be initiated, the trade magazine is still one of the most important media choices.

We have expanded our portfolio of services not only in cross-media approach, but also to dialogue and event marketing communication solutions for effective customer communication. We will inform you via newsletters, e-paper, sponsorship and seminar opportunities.

Trade Magazine Portfolio

Take advantage of our professional trade magazines as a communication turntable and benefit from the dialogue between manufacturers and users in industry.

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Media Rates 2012

Here you can find the media rates for all journals as PDF download.
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Ad Specials

Special advertising formats are proving more popular as they are more visable, have higher response rates and a greater impact.

Besides the conventional forms of advertising our technical journals offer many opportunities to communicate your advertising message. If you have your own ideas we will gladly consult with you.

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Survey Methods

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